Friday, October 23, 2009

Paper Product Scenario

I saw a Paper Product Scenario on Reaping the Harvest and had to do it!

I just got back from Publix and this was my deal!
2/2 pk. Sparkle Giant roll paper towel $2.39 ea
2/ Del Monte Tomato $.75 ea
5/ Muri Glen Tomato Sauce $.89
2/ Knox Gelatin $1.39
1/ Dixie Napkins $1.99
1/ Quilted Northern 12 Double Roll $5.99
1/ Dixie Plates $2.00
Coupons used:
-$5 off $20 Rite Aid Q-2/$4 Knox Q-$.50 Quilted Northern Walgreens Q-5/$1.00 Muri Glen-2/$.50 Dixie Plates (Doubles)-$1.00 Quilted Northern-$1.00 Sparkle$.35 Dixie Napkins (doubles)
OOP! $1.35

1 comment:

  1. Lizel that is AWESOME! I am so pleased that this deal inspired you AND you were able to walk away with such a great deal! I'm always putting up deals on the board, so stick around, if you can!

    Reaping In Abundance,


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