Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday Publix Trip!

I did not take a picture. I used alot of the items before I could but I will list them!

2- Lays Chips-$1.99 ea.

2-Fresh Express Salad- $1.00 off 2=$1.75 ea

1-David's Sunflower Seeds-$1.00 ea

2- Baby Carrots-$1.39 ea

1-PublixOnion Soup Mix-$1.15 ea

1-Jiffy Blueberry Mix-$.69 ea

5-Hunt's Tomato Sauce-$.39 ea (walgreen's Q)

2-Revlon Emery Boards-$2.00 off (publix Q)=Free+$.11 overage ea.

2- Lysol Wipes-$1.00 off 2= $1.75 ea

2- Pecan Sandies-$1.00 off 1=$.99 ea

6- Jello Pudding-$.59 ea (walgreen's Q) (saved $3.60 off Publix price)

2- Olive Oil-$1.00 off ea. =$1.99 ea

1- Hungry Jack Syrup-$.50=$2.89 ea

1- 12 pk. Nutter Butter Cookies-$1.00 Q=$2.00

1- 12 pk. Snackwell's Cookies-$1.00 Q= $2.00

Spent: $31.41

Saved: $51.33

% Saved: 62%

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