Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday's Deals at Publix

I did not do great but I did save money so I guess that's good enough. I try not to buy items without using a coupon but I did just start couponing a few weeks ago. So at times I have to buy things without a coupon.

Publix milk $2.00 gallon
Advertised special saved $.79

Kraft Mini Marshmallows $1.29x2
Advantage Buy Saved $.40

Wheat bread $2.99

Publix Large Eggs $.99
Advertised Special Saved $.40

Dole Pineapple Slices $.75x3
2x$.50 coupons (doubled) =$2.00
Total paid for 3 Cans Pineapple=$.25

Publix Penny Item!
Window Cleaner $2.19
Total Paid $.01

Spent $9.11

I know it not great but they will get better. I really start my shopping week on Wednesday. I have been keeping up with my receipt this past week and will post my total saving tomorrow.

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